Blitzkrieg Products

Carbon Wicker
Carbon Gurney

Add a little extra downforce with our carbon gurney lip. It comes in various sizes.

Porsche Cup Auto Blipper

This is our newly developed auto blipper for Porsche's sequential gearbox. Ensure proper throttle blip when downshifting to minimize wear and tear on transmission internals and driveshafts. Unlike cable blippers, this design will not lose its throttle percentage over time.

Porsche 996/997 Cup Wing Uprights

Bolt a GT3/Cup wing to a GT3/Cup decklid.

RSR Headers

Porsche 996/997 RSR headers. Improved exhaust flow, increased performance while shedding some weight.

Cup Exhaust with RSR Headers

Complete exhaust system replacement for your Porsche 996/997. Dyno tuning revealed a 20% gain both HP and torque on our racecar.