Maintenance & Upgrades

We have always specialized in regular maintenance, but we also specialize in upgrading your vehicle with the latest in aftermarket technology and the best in custom built exhausts, headers and turbo kits. Our competitive service rates, OEM quality replacement parts and years of experience will keep your vehicle running in top condition for much less than the dealership charges. If you are looking to get that extra bit of performance out of your vehicle - whether it’s a simple intake and exhaust or a complete top end rebuild and turbo kit - we can do it for you. We have extensive experience in modifying every European brand.

Tuning & Software

We have partnered with Eurodyne to produce a combined software and dyno tuning package for any modern Porsche, Audi or Volkswagen. Eurodyne provides the modification to your car's computer and we use our in house all-wheel-drive dyno and track proven techniques to fine-tune every last bit of horsepower out of your car. Your car will behave unlike any vehicle with a run-of-the-mill flash tune designed for mass production. Any aftermarket parts you have installed will be even more advantageous if your car is custom tuned with Eurodyne software. We also install and tune MoTeC and other stand-alone systems.

Custom Fabrication

In addition to software upgrades and tuning, you can take advantage of our full-service fabrication shop for custom-made complete exhausts, headers, intakes, intercoolers and turbo kits or other upgrades. You'll be able to see the difference in power with 'before-and-after' dyno printouts, and we'll be able to tweak the software to unlock the most power available. With in house services like this you can be assured that your vehicle will be road or race ready before it ever leaves the shop.

Race Services

We also provide race services and can bring most of our tools and all of our expertise to the track. We can haul your vehicles and any spares and perform repairs, tuning and alignment on the spot. Contact us for details.

Alignment & Corner Balancing

Our most recent addition is an alignment jig and corner balancing scale system built by MK Technologies. Correct alignment and weight balancing is an essential procedure for any vehicle that will see track use, and can enhance handling even on the street. Our trained technicians will ensure that your vehicle is perfectly balanced so that you can shave seconds off your track times.

Dyno Services

Our state-of-the-art Dynapack dynamometer is all-wheel drive capable and can handle up to 1100HP in two-wheel drive configuration, and up to 800HP in all-wheel drive configuration. The whole kit is fully portable and is easily transported to events or the track. Dynapack’s hub attachment design means that you not only get the most accurate wheel horsepower reading possible, but you also have peace of mind as there are no rollers for your vehicle to jump off of during tuning. We offer hourly, daily and three-pull rates, please call us for details.